Men and Ladies of Honor Youth Ministry

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Men and Ladies of Honor exist to revive chivalry, modesty, moral excellence, and courageous leadership among young men and ladies around the world.

Men and Ladies of Honor began in 2003 with a mission-oriented program spanning across the United States, as well as internationally. This program has been effective because inside each young man and lady is the desire to have a purpose and the desire to belong. Many young men and ladies are displaying destructive behavior while also seeking identities in relationships that are not life-affirming or positive. Our experience is that this program can be life-changing!

Program Schedule (beginning August 20th):

Monday 3:30 - Junior High 

Tuesday 5:30 - Athlete Meeting (7th-12th grades)

Wednesday 3:30 - Pinkston

Thursday 3:30 Alternative School

Transportation is available!

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