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CareCenter Ministries is a one-year, faith based discipleship program focused on freeing men and women from life controlling issues. At CareCenter, we believe that hands-on discipleship and being deeply involved with those who are lost and broken is necessary for this transformation. We run sucessful Men's and Women's rehabilitation programs that focus on healing and restoration. Our outreach does not end with the Men's and Women's Homes as CareCenter is also the head of several other ministries that benefit the community. Check out the 'Our Ministries' tab to learn more about what we do.

Our one-year program is completely free to our residents and is licsensed by the State of Arkansas Community Corrections. We are a 501c3 organization and are completely privately funded by supporters in our community and CareCenter’s Cottage Industries.

what people say


These guys are a true blessing to have around no matter what job they are doing for you. They do great work! Thank you - Ken Coffoe
I love this ministry and what it's doing for people in so many different ways. Please support this ministry in any way you can!! - Tina Thomas
The struggle that these men overcome by surrendering their all to Christ is a huge inspiration and this program is a great message that shows the world a reminder that Jesus is still in the saving business. God bless this program and the lives involved in it:) - Dillon Atkinson
Amazing souls with amazing hearts doing amazing work for the Lord!!! - Kandice Witt
These fellas are doing great things for this community! Awesome!! - Geoffrey Jones
I had the pleasure of working side by side with one of the men in the program this past weekend. I had no idea about this awesome program until he told me his story and how the ministry has helped him to change his life. I am honored to have met such a fine young man, and I am very proud of him. I am proud of all of you... - Colleen Caruso Mccracken
This is an awesome group of men. They are always working for the community. They are a wonderful addition to our area. Always working for the greater love of God and church. - Linda M Kidd
Great people, Great message!
"Great group of men! God is in the midst of this ministry!"
"So thankful for them and what they have done for our community and my family!!!! Merry Christmas!"
"This program stepped up in the community when the tornado/high wind hit and knocked down power lines, gas pipes were leaking and trees were up rooted and laying everywhere. Personally I was at a stand still on where to even begin since my husband was out of state on a new job and could not make it back home until the following week. I was walking the neighborhood with our daughter showing her the devastation left by this tragedy when this van pulled up and two gentleman walked up and asked me if my name was Dawn as they had came by the house and seen the trees down and the destruction and asked me if they could help me by removing not one but two trees that uprooted and fell on the deck and all along the yard. Fixed the roof shingles that blew off. At that moment I began to cry as a weight was taken off my shoulders as people were stopping by right before they arrived wanting to give me estimates on costs and repairs. The men said we will be back in a bit with a crew and equipment. They sure did... a BIG crew. They came back and worked diligently for hours with chainsaws and axes then mulched and removed debris. Sent half of the crew down the street to another neighborhood in need of assistance. Each and everyone of those men worked hard and I thanked each one of them fed them and they said a prayer before eating that was beautiful and very fitting. Thank you Care Center Ministries we are appreciative of your services to this community!"
"God bless you all. The girls came and cleaned and did an amazing job. Thank you for your ministry and for all you do to help change others' lives!"
"Thank you God for sending care center ministries to me. They have changed me in so many ways for the better. Today I have more compassion for people. I try harder to understand them and why they do what they do. I have learned to be more forgiving of them. I try not to judge people so quickly. Because I find that my judgements are so wrong most of the time. I try to accept that what they said or did in their past is in their past. Not who they are today. I want to be given a second chance when I have learned from my mistakes so I try to give others a second, third, or more chances. They have earned it. We are humans. We mess up. Recently I had a really bad day, then came home from work only to discover that the lawn crew had come out and cut my lawn. Still looks really good. I am the luckiest person in the world. Everyone knows someone who needs help in some way. Just have them call care center to see if they can help."
I had the ladies over to my house yesterday. They are professional and efficient and did a great job. They will be here every week. - Joline Taylor


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