How Your Support Helps 

When you support CareCenter Ministries, you are not only rebuilding lives and restoring families, but also rebuilding homes and communities, and restoring hope to the lost and the broken.

Every year the Men’s Home, which averages 25-30 individuals, are able to complete hundreds of serve  projects all around the community. CareCenter is blessed to assist those struggling with physical conditions, financial  limitations, and various life obstacles  with everything from roof repairs, wheelchair ramp installations, and flooring replacement to moving    them out of dangerous living situations.

The Woman’s Home, which  averages 15-18 individuals, are able to bless the disabled and elderly with house  cleanings and other projects they are no longer able to do on their own.  

How Does CareCenter’s Substance Abuse Compare To Other Programs?   

CareCenter Ministries sees a 60% better success rate when compared to other substance abuse programs which are shorter-term programs and not faith-based. Every person helped through CareCenter Ministries directly impacts the lives of at least 10 other people in a positive way! 

These are just some of the ways your support blesses others around you. If you have not yet partnered with us, there’s no better time!  For more information on how you can get involved, visit: 

A Special Message From Deborah Meline, CareCenter Ministries Staff 

Why don’t communities care more about themselves? Every day, we read in the paper or see on the nightly news a story about the decline of “quality of life” in our communities. The drug epidemic is rampant; suicide is rising (Baxter County is #1 in suicide deaths in Arkansas); human trafficking is here and it’s real; the jails and correctional facilities are packed; child abuse, teen pregnancy, and domestic violence rates are high, babies are being born with abnormalities due to the mother’s drug/alcohol use during pregnancy; and the list goes on…

Many of us have witnessed the decay and decline with our own eyes. We don’t need more statistics. There are not many (or any that I know of) families who do not have at least one family member who is in addiction or a victim of drugs. This deterioration of our “quality of life” is rapidly moving us towards destruction. 

What is the root cause of all this assault on our God-given right to joy and peace? What causes a man to beat his wife and children? What causes anyone to inflict violence on someone else? Why are our children contemplating suicide? Why are 6th graders talking about heroin?

“The enemy has come to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10).” He is doing just that...and we let him! “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).” Often times, we choose to hide our heads and not come out of our church buildings and therefore, we lack knowledge of the true fabric of our community. With our eyes shut, we do not see the darkness just under the surface. When our spiritual leaders refuse to lay aside pride and tear down the walls between churches, we all stay in our own private bubble, not wanting to know about the battle that rages right outside our door.

The enemy has not only come to kill, steal, and destroy our children and grandchildren, but has also come to separate the body of believers. If he can keep us attacking each other, he wins! But if the body of believers come together and pray in unity, the enemy will be destroyed. “How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony (Psalm 133:1)!”

The law enforcement agencies and hospitals have been waging war against the advancement of this evil for decades. It’s only getting worse. So, then what is the answer? If the government and doctors can’t save us, what should we do? We cannot give up. Do we truly care about what’s going on around us? Do we only care about ourselves? Does our selfishness outweigh any concern for someone else? Have we decided it’s too difficult to give of ourselves—our time, our love, and our things.

Thank God that He still loves and forgives us! But He asks that we come together in unity.  God never asked the Israelites to just pray to Him from their own private home. He told them to come together as a people to pray to Him.

The battle against darkness can be won. True believers can, and should, come together and pray for our community. “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from  heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land (2 Chron. 7:14).”

Please join CareCenter Ministries in  praying for this community and watch for CareCenter Prayer events in 2019! 

CareCenter Featured in Baxter Bulletin Newspaper 

Pastor Ty Cotter of CareCenter Ministries was featured with Chris Carter of Carter’s Jewel Chest in the Baxter Bulletin as part of their annual Carat Cake Event. Proceeds from the Carat Cake Event went to benefit CareCenter Ministries. We are so thankful for their support and partnership!

Men & Ladies of Honor Youth Serve the Homeless 

The youth from Men and Ladies of Honor were able to serve a hot chili meal to the homeless of Mountain Home. Over a dozen people were served with care packages and a nice meal. Men and Ladies of Honor is an after-school program discipling at-risk youth in the community. It was a true blessing to see them serving and blessing others!

Recent Graduations 

1 Year Graduations:
Ciera Paulsen, Lacy Hampton, Seth Swetnam, and Jacob Lansdale.

6 Month Graduations:
Brandy Hughes, David Taylor, Jackie Denny, Jordan Ohern, and John Armbruster.

Overcomers Graduations:
Courtney Burlsen, Brett Tschetter, Cory Mowry, Corben Gordon, Michael Hobbs, David Taylor, Dustin Blair, and Rich Dawalt. 

Upcoming Graduation Ceremony 

Please join us in celebrating our ISOM Graduates
Blake Atchison
Dawn Cotter
Robyn Ford
Bradley Harris
Dalton Lind
Deborah Meline
Joshua Witt

December 15, 2018
7:00 PM
Real Life Church
1326 Rossi Rd.
Mountain Home, AR
Congratulations to our graduates! 

Men and Ladies of Honor Recent Events 

During the month of October, Men and Ladies of Honor hosted their first annual hike as well as a Family Movie Night Fundraiser event.  It was a blessing to see so many people who served alongside of the youth! They also participated in Mountain Home High School’s Fields of Faith event, with special guests, Dalton and Cassie.

In November, CareCenter Church was privileged to have the youth from Jr. High and Pinkston Men and Ladies of Honor recite their axioms to the congregation. 


“My name is Elyssa Turner and I’m 34 years old. I’m currently a sister in CareCenter Women’s Home. I was lost in addiction to heroin and alcohol and came to CareCenter broken, lost, and very confused. I ran from my problems. I was incarcerated 3 separate times. Nothing helped me. Challenged by my parents to seek help, I trusted God with the care of my daughter as I wanted to become a better mother and knew I needed to make a change. From the very first day I came to CareCenter, I have fallen in love with the Lord and worship Him freely and unashamed. I know now that I am a new  creation and a daughter of the highest King. I know the Lord has a purpose for me here and I’m being the willing vessel He intended me to be.”

“My name is Richard Dewalt. I first came to CareCenter in October 2016. I’d been lost in   addiction for many years.  During that time, I tried to sober up on numerous occasions through rehab and counseling, but   nothing seemed to help. I realized that God was missing in my life. I began a walk with the Lord that I have never experienced before. Within the last couple of years, I have left CareCenter twice making the choice to follow my own will and thinking that I knew best. God got ahold of me and led me back here  knowing that I need to surrender completely and trust Him. I have been back now for 5 months and am overwhelmed by God’s love, grace, and mercy. I believe He is molding me into the man he designed me to be. I am excited to see what God has in store for my life as He reveals my purpose. Now, my aim is daily choose to follow Him. 

CareCenter Gets Permanent Women’s Home Location! 

CareCenter Ministries closed on our new permanent Women’s Home Facility located in Mountain Home. We are so blessed to begin settling in to our new home! 

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Children Receive Scholarship 

CareCenter would like to sincerely thank Mountain Home Christian Academy for gifting (2) scholarships to children whose parents are part of the CareCenter Ministry Team. CareCenter is a proud supporter of MHCA!  

Special Special Message by Vanessa Peglar, MHCA Staff 

My children have been attending Mountain Home Christian Academy since we discovered it in 2007. It is a non-profit private school that teaches biblical principles and a Christian worldview right alongside Math,   History, Language, and Science. We have been encouraged by the hearts of the teaching staff, the leadership of the administration, and the love that’s displayed there.

One of the best attributes of our school is that MHCA has a low student to teacher ratio. This allows our teachers to offer more one on one care if a student should need extra attention or counsel. Another benefit of MHCA is the way in which problems are handled. When there is an area of need that requires addressing or correction, the staff balances grace and truth from God’s Word. It is effective and I’ve seen it be life-changing. Another thing I love about MHCA is that Truth is being taught. From the origins of the world to details about the founding fathers of our nation; this school offers a biblical perspective of these subjects.

We are most excited about a program called Enrichment Fridays. This will serve as an opportunity for students to explore some non-traditional learning through family enrichment (outside of school) or educational enrichment (at school). We love family-time!

Each school Friday is a full day of learning activities that are planned and intentional for further growth and development that will include community service projects, local field trips, and life skills instruction for those that choose to attend. Core classroom teaching, testing, and homework assignments will occur Monday through Thursday and students will not be counted absent on Fridays.

The statistics for young people who abandon their faith after high school are staggering. I believe MHCA is part of the solution. This school is a partner to parents in discipling. It is affordable and a great option for families in the Mountain Home area. Scholarships are also available to those that qualify. We love the heart of service that CareCenter demonstrates in our community; our students have seen it as well. We are grateful to have been included in their after-school program called “Men and Ladies of Honor”. Time  invested in the lives of people is never wasted. 

Conference Conference Highlights

What can we say about September’s Enlighten Women’s Conference? It was an incredible time of powerful, life-changing testimonies, worship and  fellowship with others within the community who desire to bring light to the darkness in our area.  If you were there, you already know you won’t want to miss it next year! If you missed this one, we hope you’ll join us next time!  

Special Thanks To: 
After Grace, Robin Robinson, The Call of Marion County, Informed Choices, On Time Ministries, Rene, Ashley, Cierra, Dawn, Brandy, Cassie, Deb, Jackie, and Jordan.

Winner Selected for the New RV! 

Congratulations to Lynn Santelli for winning the 2018 Retro Camper! The winning ticket was drawn at the Baxter County Fair on Saturday, September 15th at 8:00pm and broadcasted live on our Facebook page. This RV was  provided by Great Escapes RV Center of Gassville and all proceeds went towards CareCenter Ministry. Everyone here at Care Center wishes you and your family many happy trails!  

Congratulations to Brad for 2 years with CareCenter!  

You are a true blessing to the ministry and we look forward to seeing God’s plan unveiled in your life.  

Men and Ladies of Honor First Baptism

Leaders of the Men and Ladies of Honor program were blessed to facilitate the first baptism for one of their youth program participants, Nathanile Ross. CareCenter Ministries would like to congratulate Nathanile! 

Special Congratulations to:  
Crissy, Patty, Jessica, Courtney, Mariah, Fawn, Elyssa, Curtis, Greg, Gary, and Nathanile. 

Ozark Football AssociationDonates to CareCenter 

CareCenter Ministries would like to sincerely thank the Ozark Football Association for donating 7 pork butts to our Men’s and Women’s Homes. Also, a special thank you to Holy Smokes for cooking them up. You have both been a tremendous blessing to our ministry! 


“My name is Brandy Hughes and I’m 29 years old. I grew up here in Mountain Home. I have been blessed with two children. I struggled with addiction, oppression, and depression for over 10 years. They were very dark years of my life. I managed to stay clean for five years but felt unfulfilled. I’ve had numerous trips to jail and prison. I even graduated drug court but I was missing the Love of the Father. I have been radically saved and God has started to restore my life piece by piece. I believe God has called me to ministry. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose and identity through the Lord. I have been blessed with a wonderful spiritual family here that I’m so grateful for. I have found a new way of life. I’m really excited and look forward to this journey of faith in the Lord.”

“Hi, my name is Michael R. Hobbs and I was a slave to sin for 12 years with little sign of hope for change. I was facing a prison sentence when God open the door for me to come to CareCenter Ministries. I was lost and broken to say the least. When I got here it was evident right away that the Lord was calling me for a greater purpose, but that it was going to be tough, so I submitted my life in surrender to Jesus and he began working on me. I’ve been here for almost 4 months and I’ve experienced his love and his faithfulness as he’s provided more than enough counsel, kindness, and help from fellow Christ-living servants. I’m more than grateful for this ministry and I have no words to describe the wonderful experience I have had here so far. I am currently anticipating transitioning into the leadership to continue to serve Jesus, and give back the same love that it is being given to me!” 

Ramp Installed For Elderly Man

An 80 year old man was in need of a wheelchair ramp in order to come home from the hospital.  Several people, including his doctor, referred him to CareCenter for help and the ramp was installed immediately by the CareCenter team. If you know of someone in need, reach out! 

September Graduations:  

Ashley Dodson 

A Sincere Thank You…

C3 Church for the women’s dinner and Three Rivers Biker Church for the men’s lunch

CareCenter Ministries greatly appreciates your generous gift and partnership!

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A Special Message

These days, there is a principality over this  community and region, just as in every other in this country. That principality is the enemy. John 10:10 says, “The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.” We face an enemy that wants to kill, steal, and destroy our children, schools, family core, and family values. It also desires to keep our streets from being safe and it wants our elderly to live in fear. It also  pressures our teenagers into sex, drugs and alcohol at an early age. It remains hidden in darkness and secrets. 

The enemy uses fear, depression, lust, greed, poverty, confusion, guilt, shame, vanity and the list goes on. And we have let it happen. Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” There are so many heartbreaking stories which will never hit the newspaper. At both CareCenter men’s and women’s resident homes, those unwritten stories are poured out through painful testimonies. For the loving kindness and healing of Jesus Christ to come into their lives and  restore them and their families; confession, testimony, and release must take place. It’s a painful process, but by the healing hand of Jesus, we have seen residents be restored and become productive both in their family and community. There is a war going on in the heavenlies. It is a war between God and Satan. It is a battle for you and me, for our souls. God calls us to safety, security, salvation, and everlasting life. Satan hates God and therefore draws His children into death and  destruction using dark temptation and disillusion. The Bible says that, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chron. 7:14). We are to be united in prayer and in battle against Satan. Eph. 6:10-12 says, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” We, at CareCenter, have heard and seen enough. We are taking a stand against the enemy. We are shedding light on the darkness. “For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all,” Luke 8:17. When light is shed on the darkness, the darkness must flee. John 1:5 tells us, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” As a community of believers, we can and must stand united against this enemy. The light must be shined on the dark things of our community such as child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking (yes, it exists in our community), pornography, addiction, poverty, violence, crime and on and on. We do not expect the average house wife to go out and rescue people off the street. To go out into the dark world and speak their language, it takes experienced and trained leaders. However, every one of us can pray and are called to pray for each other and for our community. We are calling on you, every person who reads this newsletter, to take a stand against the enemy by uniting with us in prayer. We do this every day, but we will be making a loud and united effort on September 29th at the CareCenter “Enlighten” Conference being held at the Real Life Church building. Come to the conference and be “Enlightened”. When we equip ourselves with facts and testimonies, shining light on the darkness, we can overcome the darkness. We are calling on all churches, all denominations, to stand united against the darkness in our community.  It is up to the believers to call on our Father in Heaven. He will hear and heal our land. The Enlighten Women’s Conference is on Saturday, September 29th, from 9AM to 4PM at the Real Life Church building. Visit: for tickets and more information. 

Congratulations to Pastor Ty and Cassie on their wedding!

Pastor Lonnie Sawyer officiated the beautiful outdoor wedding which took place at the Women’s Home on Saturday, August 18th. Everyone here at CareCenter is excited to see God’s plans unfolding through your marriage, family, and ministry together! “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you.” Numbers 6:24 

Mattress Donation

Thanks to the generous donations made by Mountain Home Fire Department, several people were given much needed mattresses for their children and family members. There are currently a few gently-used twin sized mattresses still available for anyone who remains in need. If you know of someone, contact the office at: (870) 701-5078 

Guest Speaker

On Sunday, August 19th, CareCenter Church was greatly blessed to have Pastor Lonnie Sawyer from Hilltop Church and Dallas’ CareCenter as our guest speaker during our church service. Pastor Lonnie Sawyer has been a tremendous inspiration and a  dedicated supporter of not only the Mountain Home, AR CareCenter program, but also it’s leadership and he is welcome any time! 


Forrest Cotter is not just family to CareCenter Ministries. God divinely connected us to this amazing man of God with a plan to advance His Kingdom. Forrest paved the way for CareCenter Ministries as a forerunner when the ministry first began. He shared his heart about the ministry to the community and God used that to encourage others to also get involved. Forrest greatly desired to see this ministry be established, sacrificing much personally, because he wanted to know that broken men and women had a safe place to stay and go to for help. This burning desire kept him awake at night. He has a heart unlike any other, shaping a new perspective of hope and encouragement for CareCenter’s leadership. Thank you for answering the call and helping bring this vision to life. CareCenter Ministries is what it is today because of your heart and your incredible sacrifice.  


“My name is Ashley. I want to start by saying all praise and glory be to God. By his grace I am here today. For the first time during my 12 year drug addiction, I’m transformed and clean of drugs for over a year now. During my addiction, I lost three children. One is in heaven but God has delivered me from the pain of losing him. God is restoring my  relationship with my son, Parker. I’m truly learning what God’s timing is but he is a faithful God so I trust and believe in him. I’ve really been blessed with the CareCenter family for not only fostering my third son, Carter, while I received help, but also helping my husband who  struggled with alcohol. They have now become my spiritual family guiding us throughout our walk. Since being here, God has also blessed me with restoring my license back to me as well as legal cases  being dropped.  Through the Lord, my marriage is  being restored and my family is back together all under one roof. I know my purpose and future will be setting the captives free and by bringing life back to the dead by continuing my walk in leadership here at CareCenter. Thank you for your love and support, I am truly grateful.” 

A Sincere Thank You...

We want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to Twin Lakes Packing & Processing of Gassville as well as the Fish & Game Commission’s Feed the Hungry program for their generous food donation. 

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