How long is the program?

Our program is one year with two phases - Phase 1 is 9 months and Phase 2 is 3 months.

Can I see my boyfriend/girlfriend immediately?

There is a 6-12 month period of no contact with boyfriends/girlfriends, pending growth and stability of the resident and history of the relationship.

What if we're married?

There is a 30-45 day no contact period but pending growth and stability of the resident and history of the marriage contact may be allowed throughout the duration of the program.

What medicine can I have?

We do not allow any psychiatric or pain medications, but we do allow all other necessary medications.

Can I smoke?

No. Smoking, dipping, or vaping is not allowed in the program, on-site, or on a pass.

Can my daughter or son enter the program with me?

This is determined on an individual basis and needs to be talked about with the home director.

How long before I can make and receive phone calls?

One phone call to immediate family members only may be allowed after 30-45 days, pending growth and stability of the resident.

Can I have my pet live with me while in the program?

No. We do not allow personal pets to live on-site with residnets 

Can I have a vehicle?

If you currently own a vehicle, you cannot bring it with you. At 9 months, when you begin to seek employment you are allowed to use your vehicle.

Do we get paid when we work?

All monies earned while working during Phase 1 of the program are used to compensate the ministry for your stay.

How long will it be before I can work?

You can begin working in Phase 2 of the program, which begins at 9 months.

Do you find a job for me?

No. You will be responsible for gaining your own employment. However, we will assist you and provide training to help you find employment. You will only be allowed to begin searching for employment once in Phase 2 (about nine months into the program).

Do I need insurance?

No. We are a 100% free program.

Can I have my food stamps?


How soon before I get my first pass?

60 days, pending growth and stability of the resident.

Will you help me find an apartment?

As you enter the second Phase of the program we will provide resources for you to draw from as you search for an apartment.

What about my fines?

We work with the local court systems to ensure that your fines are taken care of.