What is CareCenter Ministries

CareCenter Ministries is a Christ-centered outreach organization founded on the principles of Biblical transformation. By recognizing and accepting whole people with broken lives and providing them with a structured community and system in which to pursue their identity in Christ, individual lives are transformed and: transformed individuals lead to transformed families and transformed families transform communities with far-reaching effects for good.

Through our faith-based programs, we are strengthening the hand of the poor. Positive personal interaction in a Christ-like community, that includes integrative hands-on discipleship by those who are committed to being deeply involved with those who are lost and broken, is necessary for transformation.

Upon completion of the program, our residents emerge educated in personal and spiritual disciplines founded on their true identity in Christ. Built on this foundation are also life skills, interpersonal relational skills, and proficiency in career-oriented trade skills with the opportunity to pursue higher education, when applicable. This equipping, as a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, allows their personal transformation to infiltrate all of their spheres of influence in a successful manner with Maximum Kingdom Impact.