A Mother's Testimony

"In early 1991, I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, Brad. I was scared, we had very little money, and I was afraid to announce my news. My sister told me that God spoke to her and said this is not just another pregnancy, nor a burden, but thatmy son was going to be a mighty man of God. 

He was raised in church and at age 7, told me that he was called to be a preacher. Remembering the words spoken by my sister, this brought me great joy. We continued to attend church throughout Brad's youth and he was a great kid who never got into any trouble.

At the age of 17, Brad began dating and partying. This led to drinking, smoking marijuana, and eventually crystal meth. After graduation, he moved to Texas and fell deeper into addiction. He became broken, lost, and was running from God. He returned back toHighland but continued down the road of drugs and addiction. There were many times I would pick him up from drug houses and several occasions when I didn't know where he was for weeks at a time. Brad said he felt the hand of God removed from his life. 

At the age of 24, he was tired of running from God and dropped to his face, remembering that God had a calling on his life. It was there, at rock bottom, that he began crying out to God and we began seeking treatment options. I spoke with Pastor Ty Cotter andsoon, Brad entered the CareCenter program. That was 2 years and 88 days ago. 

Today, Brad is on the leadership team, has graduated bible school, and continues on the new path God has set out for him to minister to others who are lost. CareCenter Ministries truly changes and restores lives and families. I am so grateful for everyone atCareCenter who took the time to help us!"

 - Tina, mother of Brad Harris, a former addict turned minister of the Gospel